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I. General Conditions

  1. This Privacy Policy provides information on methods of protection of personal data of the Users of the Website (‘Users’) located at the electronic address, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Website’, pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Regulation on Data Protection); (hereinafter referred to as the ‘GDPR’).
  2. The Websites Users’ Personal Data Controller (‘PDC’) is PGE Paliwa Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Kraków, at ul. Ciepłownicza 1, 31-587 Kraków, Poland.
  3. The content of the Website is the property of the Data Controller and is legally protected.
  4. The Website is of informative nature. PGE Paliwa Sp. z o.o. makes every effort to ensure that the presented data are as complete and up-to-date as possible.
  5. In order to use the Website, the User shall have a computer or device with installed software that allows browsing web pages and accessing the Internet. The Website may be accessed through the most popular Internet browsers.
  6. The Controller declares that the Website pages are free from content violating the rights of third parties or applicable law, and in particular from content containing information causing or posing a threat to the privacy or safety of any person, from content containing information promoting illegal activities or conduct that is offensive, threatening, obscene, libellous, or defamatory, inciting racism or persecution for ethnic, cultural, or religious reasons, promoting or favouring criminal activities, infringing third parties’ rights, including intellectual property rights, or content constituting another form of infringement of a legally protected right.
  7. Data provision is voluntary, however, the lack of data may prevent the use of the Website.


II. Purpose of Data Collection

The personal data of Website Users shall be processed on the basis of on point (f) of Article 6(1) of the GDPR – the processing is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the Controller – providing access to the Website and possibility of using it, as well as enabling contact with the Controller via a contact form available on the Website.


III. Right of Access

  1. In the cases and on the principles specified in the generally applicable regulations on the protection of personal data, the Users shall have the right to access their data and to receive a copy of such data, the right to rectification, the right to erasure, the right to restriction of processing, the right to object to processing of the data, the right to data portability, and the right to lodge a complaint with a competent supervisory authority.
  2. The Data Controller reserves the right to refuse to delete user’s data, if their retention is necessary to handle claims or if required by applicable law.


IV. Data Recipients

  1. The personal data of Users shall be transferred to authorised institutions defined by the law and to entities processing data, which provide services for the Data Controller and whom these data are entrusted to.
  2. Personal data shall not be transferred to a third country or to an international organisation.
  3. Personal data collected by the Data Controller may be directly accessed only by authorised employees or cooperators of the Data Controller.

V. Safeguards and Personal Data Protection

The Data Controller declares to process the personal data of the Users in accordance with the GDPR and to take technical and organisational measures to ensure that the data processed are protected in a way appropriate to the risks and categories of data covered by the protection, and in particular to protect the personal data of the Users against unauthorised access, loss, or damage.


VI. Automated Decision-Making

We hereby inform that, under the data processing referred to above, no decisions shall be made in an automated manner and Users’ data shall not be profiled within the meaning of the GDPR, subject to Point VII below.


VII. Mechanism of Cookies

  1. Cookies are used to ensure the proper functioning of the Website, they are saved on the User’s computer during the User’s visit to the Website. Cookies are text files that enable a server to correctly display the data contained in the website. Cookies are used only for internal purposes of website optimisation in terms of performance and of statistical analyses. The Controller does not collect cookies in order to identify the User.
  2. The issues of enabling or disabling cookies are dependent on the browser configuration and can be modified independently by the User. In accordance with applicable law, the User shall have the right to decide on the access of cookies to the User’s computer by making a selection in the browser window.
    How to manage cookies – instructions of browser developers:

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    3. Google Chrome:
    4. Safari:
    5. Opera:


VIII. Liability

  1. This Privacy Policy shall not cover any information regarding the services or goods of entities other than the Data Controller, which have been published on the Website pages commercially, hospitably, reciprocally or not for commercial gain.
  2. The Data Controller shall not be responsible for users’ actions or omissions resulting in the personal data being processed by the Data Controller in the manner specified in this Privacy Policy.
  3. The Data Controller reserves the right to introduce changes, withdraw or modify the functions or properties of the Website pages, as well as to discontinue operations, transfer the rights to the Website, and to perform any legal actions permitted by the applicable law. Any actions taken by the Data Controller shall not violate the rights of the user.


XI. Contact with the Data Controller

For personal data protection, you can contact the Data Protection Officer at PGE Paliwa Sp. z o.o. via e-mail: or by writing a letter to the address of the registered office indicated in Point I of this Policy.
In case of questions regarding the website, please contact us via the Contact Form.


X. Changes to the Privacy Policy

  1. The Data Controller reserves the right to introduce changes to the Privacy Policy, if required by law or changes introduced to the Website. The Controller shall notify the users of any relevant changes and their effective date, in particular by posting a message on the Website.
  2. The date set out below is the date on which the Privacy Policy in its most recent version comes into effect.

Date: 25 May 2018

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